• Project structuring <span> and evaluation</span>

    Project structuring and evaluation


  • Public policy <span>analysis</span>

    Public policy analysis


  • Public-private <span>interplay </span>

    Public-private interplay

  • Potential markets <span>Analysis</span>

    Potential markets Analysis


  • Public Sector

    In Gnóstica we are committed with the design and implementation of more efficient, effective and fair public policies.

    The approach of our professional practice with the public sector is divided into three topics: public policy, regulation and government assistance.

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  • Private Sector

    Our practice with companies and investors is focused in offering our clients an informed, analytical vision of all the factors that could affect their commercial and business decisions.

    This practice consists of assessment services, specialized in three topics: strategic planning, business implementation and government relations.

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Consulting Gnóstica

Gnóstica is a Mexican consulting firm that provides consulting services of the highest quality in the fields of regulation, finance, business and economics.

Our objective is to provide support both to private firms and government entities in their decision-making process followed by the implementation of their selected alternatives, thereby contributing to our client’s success in diverse activities.

  • Provide our clients

    with both solution alternatives as well as creative and viable recommendations.

  • Communicate analysis’

    recommendations and results in a clear, objective and precise way.

  • Keep continuous contact

    with key members of our clients’ organizations.

  • Comply with delivery dates

    according to the required quality and needs of the client.

  • Deliver advancing reports

    to the client in order to get feedback.

  • Make good use of the clients’ resources

    including internal reports, personnel strengths and analytical capabilities.